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Native Seed For The Willamette Valley

Why Should I Use Willamette Valley Native Plants In My Garden?

  Most seeds that are labeled "Pacific Northwest Wildflowers" are not native to the Willamette Valley. Many of these species are native to the Midwest which has hot, humid summers and cold winters. Willamette Valley natives are adapted to our unique climate with cool, wet winters and warm dry summers. Native plants are critical for birds, bees, and other wildlife that have co-evolved within this diverse ecosystem. 

Check out our Willamette Valley Pollinator Mix-. Finally, the mix that professionals use is available in retail packets, perfect for the homeowner than wants to do their part to help imperiled native pollinators.

Support your local bees.


Steele Acres is small family owned company dedicated to providing locally adapted native seed for everyone, from the homeowner to an oak savannah restorationist.  With more than twenty years of native species production experience, you can be assured we have consciously prepared each mix for the desired outcome. Don’t see the mix you’re after, create your own by purchasing individual species, or contact us about mixing one for you.

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