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This charming yet unassuming annual thrives in unsettled woodland areas, delicately climbing over fallen branches and hugging the base of towering trees. Its leaves bear a striking resemblance to miniature oak leaves, creating a lovely textured green background. The plant bursts into life in early spring with petite, white blossoms. Its preference for shaded spots under trees make it a perfect understory addition, and its trailing growth habit would be attractive in springtime container gardens. Attracts syrphid flies and small native bees. (wild collected from Benton County)

· Height: 1-2”

· Width: 8-24”

· Water: moist to dry

· Sun: partial shade

· Bloom time: April

· Direct sowing: Best sown in fall or early spring. Seeds germinate best in cooler temps.

· Growing transplants: Seeds are not dormant, but benefit from exposure to cool temps (less than 50 degrees for 7 days) then germinate in temps between 60-65 degrees.


Smallflower Nemophila

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