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Adorable mini-sunflowers on grey/green foliage. Attracts native sweat bees, mining bees, mason bees, hover flies, tachinid flies, and butterflies. Nectar source for endangered Fender’s blue butterfly as well as host plant for painted lady butterflies. 


  • Height- 12”-18”
  • Width- 12”-18”
  • Water: Dry to Moist
  • Sun: Full sun to part shade
  • Bloom time: May- June
  • Direct sowing: fall sowing is recommended as this species usually has a fair amount of seed dormancy. Seeds usually need 45-90 days of cold moist chilling (35-40 degrees) before seeds will germinate in spring.
  • Growing transplants: Sow seeds in containers and place outside or in a cold frame. Seeds may germinate over a long period of time.

Oregon Sunshine

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