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Only found in the Willamette Valley, this plant is becoming increasingly rare, found mostly along roadsides. Very tall! Its white-light pink blooms can look you in the eye. Flowers are a high-quality nectar source for the endangered Fender’s blue butterfly and a host plant for many native butterflies, such as the painted lady. 


  • Height- 48”-60” !!
  • Width- 24”-36”
  • Water: Dry to Moist
  • Sun: Full sun to part shade
  • Bloom time: May-June
  • Direct sowing: fall sowing is recommended as this species usually has a fair amount of seed dormancy. Seeds usually need 45-90 days of cold moist chilling before seeds will germinate in spring.
  • Growing transplants: Sow seeds in containers and place outside or in a cold frame. Seeds may germinate over a long period of time.

Meadow Checkermallow

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