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While most native plants prefer to be sown in the fall, this mix features species that still perform well when sown in the spring and will bloom all summer.  4 grams covers 100 sq feet at a rate of 50 seeds per sqaure foot. 12 grams overs a 300 sq ft area at a rate of 50 seeds per square foot. 


Contains: (percent is listed by the number of seeds of each species in the mix)

Clarkia amoena ssp. lindleyi 14.0%

Collomia grandiflora 14.0%

Gilia capitata 22.0%

Madia elegans 6.0%

Eschscholzia caespitosa 8.0%

Erythranthe guttata 18.0%

Plagiobothrys figuratus 18.0%

Sowing instructions:  Seeds are very tiny and will not look like THOUSANDS of seeds. Mix with sand, potting soil, or cornmeal to acheive an amount of matieral to spread over loosened, weed free soil. Rake lightly to barely cover the seed. Irrigation will be needed if spring rain is not conisistent during the three weeks after sowning (soil needs to remain slighty moist durring gerimation). After germination, plants will grow according to moisture levels. Plants will perform best with a half inch of water bi-weekly, either from rain or a sprinkler, through July.  These species are adapted to summer drought and will be smaller and have a shorter bloom time if never irrigated after germination. 

Last Chance Annuals Mix

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