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Showy red flowers, typically found in meadows and on hillsides. These plants are fun to grow because they are partially parasitic and thrive when grown with a host. Paintbrush plants have weak root systems and have evolved to tap into the roots of other plants. Most paintbrush species are not terribly fussy over a host, but Oregon sunshine and Roemers fescue are popular choices. (Mother plants from Benton County)


  • Height 10-14”
  • Width 3-5”
  • Water: moist to dry
  • Sun: full sun to partial shade
  • Bloom time: June
  • Direct sowing: Best sown in fall. Seeds are very small and should be surface sown.
  • Growing transplants: Seeds are dormant and require 60 days of cold moist stratification before they will germinate.

Harsh Paintbrush

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