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Don't be fooled by the common name- it's not a giant. This plant has adorable, dainty flowers containing a blue color that is not common in flowers. It looks best when planted in swaths or patches rather than individual plants. Usually found in dry, rocky or upland sites. This native annual prefers well drained soils and can reseed well if conditions are ideal. Attracts many native bees, bumblebees and butterflies. 

  • Height- 8"-15"

  • Width- 8"-15"

  • Water: very dry to moist

  • Sun: Full sun to partial shade

  • Bloom time: early May

  • Direct sowing: best sown in fall. Seeds will germinate readily in fall and grow steadily throughout the winter. Can be sown in spring (before April), plants will be shorter.

  • Growing transplants: Seeds do not exhibit dormancy but germinate best in cool temperatures (50- 65 degrees). Can take a few weeks before seed germinate

Giant Blue-eyed Mary

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