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This dramatic plant has attractive grey-green foliage and strikingly tall purple flower stalks. Usually found on slopes and rocky, well drained areas. This plant attracts a number of bees, small flies, wasps and other beneficial insects. Plants grow slowly and usually will not flower until they are 2 or 3 years old. 

  • Height- Foliage is about 12"-15" high, flower stalks can reach 5 feet

  • Width- 12"- 18"

  • Water: Very dry to dry

  • Sun: full sun to partial shade

  • Bloom time: April

  • Direct sowing: Must sow in fall, germinates in early winter. 

  • Growing transplants: Seeds are dormancy and need 70 days cool-moist conditions before they will germinate. 

Fern-leaved biscuitroot

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