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This perennial grass is a beautiful addition to any semi-shaded area. Columbia brome has a small crown that does not spread. It flowers in the spring, sending up a few delicately arching flower stalks that are bright green in the spring and become reddish tan as they mature. This grass is very well behaved, does not spread from its crown and drops minimal seed that is easy to manage. Not suitable for lawns, but can handling high mowing and being cut back to the ground annually. 


  • Height: Flowering stalks can reach 3ft
  • Width: 6"-8" at the base
  • Bloom time: April
  • Water: dry to moist
  • Sun: prefers partial shade
  • Direct sowing: best sown in fall but can also be sown in spring
  • Growing transplants: seeds are not dormant and readily germinate in temps between 65-85. 


Columbia brome

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