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The most common native grass found in the northwest. Found in almost every habitat, this adaptable grass is tall when flowering and seed heads turn a purple color as they ripen. Can be used as a specimen plant in the garden, but it will drop seeds that can become weedy. Crown is compact, does not spread, can tolerate some high mowing and likes to be cut back to the ground annually. A must-have for wild areas and meadows, this species will never fail you! 

  • Height- 4-5 ft 

  • Width- 12”-18” 

  • Water: very dry to moist

  • Sun: full sun to partial shade

  • Bloom time: April

  • Direct sowing: best sown in fall for the driest of areas but also grows well in spring.

  • Growing transplants: Seeds are not dormant and germinate in a wide range of temps (50- 80 degrees).

Blue wildrye

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