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All your favorite native annuals! This assortment of annual species will provide blooms all season. The smaller annuals bloom earlier and fade as the taller showier species like tarweed and farewell to spring begin to steal the show.  6 grams covers 100 sq ft at a rate of 50 seeds per square foot. This mix performs best when sown in the fall or winter.



Clarkia amoena ssp. lindleyi 10.0%

Collomia grandiflora                5.0%

Gilia capitata                             14.0%

Madia elegans                            5.0%

Plectritis congesta                   15.0%

Eschscholzia caespitosa         12.0%

Erythranthe guttata                 15.0%

Plagiobothyrus figuratus       15.0%

Limnathes douglasii                 9.0%


Sowing instructions: Mix with sand, potting soil, etc to achieve a manageable amount of material to spread over loosened, weed free soil. Rake lightly to barely cover the seed, no more than ¼”. Rolling or pressing soil can help establishment if rain is not consistently keeping the soil moist during germination.


Annuals mix

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