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Inspired by oak savannahs of the northwest, this blend of drought tolerant Willamette Valley natives puts on a colorful, long lasting display of wildflowers. This mix was specfically designed for maximum flowers on the driest sites.


Best used for planting dense patches of wildflowers of an acre or less. For larger sites, combine mix with native grasses to create a diverse oak savannah.


This mix is suitable for Oregon's Willamette Valley north through western Washington.


Sowing instructions- scatter seed on loose-weed free soil anytime between September and November. Seed can be lightly raked in to increase seed-to-soil contact, but be careful not to cover the seed with more than 1/4" soil. 


Coverage areas are based on an average of sowing rate of 40 seeds per foot.  12 grams covers 100sqft.


Contains: (percent is listed by the number of seeds of each species in the mix)

Danthonia californica  5.00%
Elymus glaucus  4.00%
Festuca roemeri  3.00%
Achillea millefolium var. occidentalis 6.00%
Aquilegia formosa  2.00%
Camassia leichlinii  0.50%
Clarkia amoena  5.00%
Collinsia grandiflora  2.00%
Collomia grandiflora  2.00%
Eriophyllum lanatum  10.00%
Geum macrophyllum  3.00%
Grindelia integrifolia  1.00%
Iris tenax  3.00%
Ligusticum apiifolium  1.00%
Lomatium dissectum  3.00%
Lotus unifoliolatus  1.00%
Lupinus polycarpus  4.00%
Madia elegans  2.00%
Phacelia nemoralis var. oregon 7.00%
Plectritus congesta  2.00%
Potentilla glandulosa  10.00%
Prunella vulgaris ssp. lanceolata  9.00%
Rupertia physodes  4.00%
Sidalcea malviflora ssp. virgata  7.00%
Gilia capitata  3.00%

Drought tolerant, oak savannah wildflower mix

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